Feb. 22: Pop-Up Guitar with Barry Pollack

Enjoy playing music in an acoustic guitar band! In this monthly drop-in group class, each player gets their own part to play in well-known folk, rock, pop, and jazz tunes. Choose from easy or challenging parts, whether rhythm, bass, melody or riffs. Receive expert guidance in a fun and supportive environment. Books with all parts in TAB and staff notation are available for use in class.

For advanced beginner and stronger players confident in basic chords (knowledge of barre chords is helpful but not required). Mp3 practice tracks available. Please bring a music stand and tuner if you have them. With each class you’ll have the opportunity to use your smartphone or tablet to take video of demonstrations. Click here for more information and to register.

Mar. 1: Join Radim Zenkl, master mandolin player and teacher, for two workshops!

Performer, composer, and teacher Radim Zenkl has been on the cutting edge of mandolin playing for years. David Grisman praises him for having “re-invented the mandolin in several different ways.” His style, dubbed "Zenkl style," features bluegrass, jazz, flamenco, classical, traditional Eastern European, and original music. Come meet and learn from Radim on Sunday, March 1 at either or both of his workshops!

Flatpicking for Mandolin or Guitar (12:15 PM - 2:15 PM): This overview of flatpicking styles is for both guitarists and mandolinists. Radim shows you four basic styles of right-hand picking, two left-hand positions, various strumming patterns, and two kinds of tremolo. For more information about this class and to register, click here.

Ear Training for All Musicians (2:45 PM - 4:45 PM): For players of any musical instrument, as well as singers! Learn skills to recognize what you hear more quickly, so you can start playing or singing with more confidence and expression. For more information about this class and to register, click here.

Mar. 7: Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons Live in Concert at Dusty Strings

Dusty Strings is proud to present Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons Live in Concert, Saturday, March 7 at 7:30 PM!

Seattle songsters Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons give life to voices that have long been silenced in American culture. Their award-winning performances are highlighted by storytelling that, rather than bringing the past to life, vividly shows how the past still lives in the present. Through their songs, audiences witness current issues crop up again and again in folk songs, dance tunes, acoustic blues, and prison ballads.

Ben & Joe bounce from fiddle and banjo breakdowns to a cappella field hollers, early jazz to gospel, Piedmont-style guitar to rattlin’ bones. Audiences walk away from Ben & Joe’s concerts and workshops inspired to learn more of their own heritage and engage more deeply with their communities.

Click here for more info and to purchase tickets!

Feb. 1 - 22: Therapeutic Harp Playing with Monica Schley

Therapeutic music has steadily grown as a professional field especially within the harp community. More and more, harpists are lending their hearts and talents to playing bedside music as well as seeking certification from programs recognized by the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians.

This four week group class is an introduction to the field of therapeutic music. It is designed for beginners to therapeutic harp, those already certified or in certification programs, and for any harpist who's curious about the field and wants to know more.

Monica is a Certified Clinical Musician working in hospice care. She is a harpist, songwriter, singer, poet and band leader of Seattle band, The Daphnes.

Drop-ins welcome! Harps are available for use in class (please reserve in advance) and rentals are available for at-home practice. Click here for more information and to register.