School Policies & Student Agreement

Scheduling & Payments

Student Portal

After filling out the referral form, students receive an email with instructions and a link for logging in to their Student Portal. The Student Portal is where the primary account holder enters their credit card information and pays for private lessons and group classes. It is also where the student can view and download their lesson schedule, practice notes, and any learning material provided by their teacher. All students must use the Student Portal to take private lessons.

Advance Payment

Dusty Strings requires students to pay for private lessons in advance using the Student Portal. Around the beginning of each month, Dusty Strings will email the primary account holder a PDF invoice showing their balance due, including any group classes for which they registered. Students must pay the invoice by the due date or Dusty Strings may put their lessons on hold until Dusty Strings receives payment. (Bi-weekly advance billing is also available.)

Payment Options

Students pay by authorizing a one-time payment after each invoice or by enabling automatic payments in the Student Portal. Dusty Strings strongly encourages automatic payments to ensure on-time payments. Cash or check payments are possible, but students must have a credit card or bank account on file in the Student Portal as a backup in case of any missed lessons. Dusty Strings’ credit card processor automatically encrypts the credit card information and stores it on a secure, PCI-compliant server that operates under strict federal privacy protection laws.

Gift Cards

Dusty Strings gift cards are available for purchase in the store, by phone, and on Dusty Strings’ website. If a student wishes to purchase a gift card to pay for private lessons or group classes, or if they wish to use a previously purchased gift card, a staff member can credit the gift card’s available balance toward the student’s account.

Families & Groups

Students who are members of the same family or group should list all members in the Student Portal under one primary account holder. For example, if two child siblings are taking separate lessons, they should be under one parent/guardian’s name who receives the invoices and pays. The primary account holder can add additional contacts in the Student Portal who can login and make payments using their own credit card and contact information. This is helpful for families or groups who require multiple people to pay for private lessons and/or group classes.

Fees & Taxes

There are no sign-up fees for Dusty Strings Music School and there is no sales tax for private lessons or group classes. Teachers may ask students to purchase specific materials for private lessons such as instruction books, manuscript paper, or other accessories required for their instrument or studies. Some group classes may require a materials fee payable directly to the teacher, such as for photocopying or instruction books.

Payment Questions

Students should contact Dusty Strings for any payment questions by emailing with the student’s full name and phone number or by calling (206) 634-1662. Teachers do not have access to students’ credit card or payment information and cannot issue refunds or change a student’s balance due.

Cancellations & Refunds

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Students must give at least 24 hours’ notice to their teacher, not Dusty Strings, if they need to cancel a lesson. If they cancel less than 24 hours in advance, Dusty Strings will still deduct the lesson from their pre-paid balance from that month and they will not be able to obtain a refund. If they give 24 hours’ notice or more, or if the teacher cancels, Dusty Strings will credit the lesson toward the student’s balance so that they and their teacher can reschedule.

Private Lessons

There are no refunds for past private lessons regardless of whether the student was present or canceled with or without notice. For private lessons canceled with at least 24 hours’ notice, Dusty Strings will credit the balance. If the student stops taking private lessons, Dusty Strings will stop payments after the last private lesson and refund any remaining scheduled private lessons to the primary account holder’s credit card in their Student Portal.

Group Classes & Workshops

There are no refunds after a group class begins, whether the group class is online or in-person. Dusty Strings cannot pro-rate group class meetings a student has missed unless Dusty Strings cancels the group class, in which case Dusty Strings will notify students as soon as possible and issue either a partial or full refund or credit the balance. Students may not register for a group class already in progress. Dates, times, and teachers for group classes are subject to change.

Drop-in Group Classes

Occasionally, Dusty Strings will offer a “drop-in” group class that students can register for in their Student Portal up until the last minute. This will show up as a balance-forward on their next PDF invoice. There are no refunds for drop-in group classes unless Dusty Strings cancels the group class, in which case Dusty Strings will notify students as soon as possible and issue a full refund or credit the balance to a future drop-in group class.

Concerts and Events

Please see our store’s Return Policies page.

Health & Safety

COVID Safety Policies

Masks are required in the school studios and classrooms unless previously agreed upon by teacher and student. Masks are not required in the store. Customers and students are encouraged to wear masks and maintain social distancing, and masks are available upon request.

Do not come to the store or school if you are sick, experiencing symptoms, or have received a positive test result for COVID. Dusty Strings may cancel an in-person event for any reason related to COVID.

Dusty Strings’ high-quality HVAC system continuously circulates fresh air while helping to regulate temperature and humidity throughout the store and school. Additional safety measures include air filter units in each studio and classroom, touchless soap dispensers, and daily sanitization of the restrooms.

We encourage folks to wash their hands before handling any instruments. If using hand sanitizer, please wait a few minutes to be sure your hands are dry before handling any instruments as the alcohol can damage the finish of wood instruments.

Thank you for your cooperation and should you have any questions or concerns, please ask any of our friendly staff members. You can also email or call (206) 634-1662 with questions or concerns prior to your visit.

On-Site or Online Only

All private lessons and group classes take place online or on-site at Dusty Strings Music Store & School, 3406 Fremont Ave N. For safety reasons, Dusty Strings cannot allow teachers to travel to students’ homes or teach in-person lessons off-site. Occasionally, Dusty Strings will offer a group class or special event off-site, in which case the teacher(s), Education Director, and any other parties involved will organize and coordinate the event together.

Conduct & Behavior

Students, teachers, and staff must always conduct themselves in a safe and considerate manner. Dusty Strings will not allow behavior that negatively affects the health and safety of one’s self or others, including smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol, or using illegal drugs, theft, physical or verbal assault, possession of a weapon, willful damage to products or equipment, or any other violations of the law. Dusty Strings asks all students to use soft speaking voices in the school and refrain from interrupting lessons and classes in progress. Family members should wait in the school lobby, not outside the studio or classroom doors, as it affects students’ ability to concentrate.


Dusty Strings will not allow discrimination toward any individual, regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, or age. Please bring any confidential questions, concerns, or complaints to the attention of the Education Director or Store Manager. Dusty Strings will work to resolve any such issues and will handle them in strict confidence.

Background Checks

To ensure a safe environment for all, Dusty Strings conducts a background check on all staff and private lesson teachers before they join the school. In addition, each studio and classroom have large windows and there is always a Dusty Strings staff member nearby.

Photo, Audio, and Video Permission

By participating in Dusty Strings Music School, students allow Dusty Strings to photograph, record audio, and/or record video that may include them for promotional and marketing purposes. In such cases, Dusty Strings will always ask the student’s permission first. For questions or concerns, please contact the Education Director or Store Manager by emailing or calling (206) 634-1662 and ask for the store manager.

Questions & Concerns

Please email or call the store at (206) 634-1662. We are always happy to help!