Repair Shop

Dusty Strings' repair shop has earned the trust of many as the Pacific Northwest’s go-to place for care of fretted stringed instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, banjos, mandolins, and many other less common stringed instruments. From vintage instruments and family heirlooms to a professional’s favorite instrument, we provide the full range of repairs, including instrument setup, crack repairs, neck resets, fret leveling or replacement, bridge re-glue or replacement, pickup installation, strap button installation, and rebuilding severely damaged instruments, to name a few.

Our repair shop is an official warranty service center for C.F. Martin & Co. and Taylor guitars. Demand for our services is high, so all repair jobs are scheduled in advance. The first step is to bring your instrument in for evaluation. Repair specialists are available Monday to Saturday, but don't hesitate to bring your instrument in on Sunday; there is always someone available to talk to you, look at your instrument, and to start the repair process. Once evaluated, we will provide you with a repair cost estimate and schedule your repair as appropriate.

Every instrument is unique and each repair a custom job. Our approach is to listen carefully to your needs and goals, evaluate your instrument thoroughly, and then provide the best service we can for both you and your instrument. If you have any questions about our services prior to visiting us, please contact us.