Susan Howell

Mountain Dulcimer, Ukulele

Susan spent her childhood and adolescence in musical theater. In college, she majored in music before moving on to primary education where she taught grade-school for twenty years and served as the music resource person for grades K-5. Susan moved on from folk music and the mountain dulcimer to swing guitar and vocals and then fell in love with the ‘ukulele. Susan has been a member of the Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA) since its formation and has taught private music lessons in Seattle for more than a dozen years. She plays in two ukulele groups, Ukestra Seattle and the Greenwood Trio, and has published a popular book of arrangements using chord melody technique for the ‘ukulele.

Susan loves getting people hooked on the ‘ukulele. Mastering the ‘ukulele involves learning strums, chords and where the notes are, as well as transposing and arranging tunes and song accompaniments. She can teach you all of these. Even if you’ve never played a stringed instrument, Susan quickly gets you playing the ‘ukulele; you’ll be playing with others and singing along on the hundreds of songs that she has available. These cover many genres but display a fondness for the music of the 30’s-60’s.

Susan has also been the primary Appalachian (mountain) dulcimer teacher in Seattle for fifteen years. She enjoys teaching all styles: traditional folk music, song accompaniment, swing tunes, and more. Susan has taught at dulcimer festivals around the country and has published two books of dulcimer arrangements.

Ages: 8 and up
Levels: All
Availability: Please call (206) 634-1662 or email for a referral.
Rates: $45 for 30 min, $55 for 45 min, $65 for one hour