Molly Tenenbaum


Molly teaches old-time clawhammer banjo (also called “frailing” or “overhand” style). A banjo teacher since 1987, Molly guides students to be independent players and learners, helping students master basic patterns, then vary them to make melodies and accompaniments. She deeply loves old-time music and is always excited to get students involved, whether playing old-time fiddle tunes and folksongs on the banjo or getting comfortable playing in jam sessions. Want to work out an old-time banjo part for a contemporary song? Molly can help!

Lessons will often have a listening component focusing on source recordings to “play like the old-timers” and expand the student's repertoire. She recommends that students record lessons. Although written aids for learning are provided, Molly emphasizes learning by ear. She can also assist with the basics of two-finger banjo picking and offer tips on old-time fiddling but does not teach bluegrass.

Molly has been playing old-time banjo since she was a teenager and has since performed around the Pacific Northwest with bands including The Queen City Bulldogs and Dram County. She’s taught locally and nationally at camps including American Banjo Camp, Augusta, and The Festival of American Fiddle Tunes. 

Specialties: Old-time clawhammer, frailing, basics of two-finger picking

Group Classes: Beginning Clawhammer Banjo, special topics

Availability: Not available for private lessons at this time. Please check Dusty Strings for group class offerings!


Molly is not accepting new students at this time. Please give us a call at (206) 634-1662 or email so we can help place you with a different teacher from our faculty!