Matt Weiner

Upright & Electric Bass, Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar, Ukulele

Big tone and solid rhythm have made Matt Weiner one of the busiest bass players in the PNW. Inspired by the “pre-bop” bass players of the early 20th century, you will find him slapping out a syncopated jazz feel on one tune while bowing a folksy melody on another. You can often spot Matt around town playing his gut-strung bass with Jacob Zimmerman, Tony Foster, Del Rey, Cole Schuster, Bric-a-Brac Trio, Squirrel Butter, Wayne Horvitz, Jonathan Doyle, and many others.

Although Matt specializes in American roots music styles, he also has experience in many other styles of music, as well as teaching and performing with many other instruments. In lessons, Matt will help you find your favorite tunes so you can discover how to play and enjoy them even more.

Matt is a highly sought-after teacher with more than two decades of experience teaching workshops and private lessons. He has taught at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Yukon Woodshed Acoustic Music Workshop, Colorado Roots Music Camp, Portland Ukulele Festival, Astoria Tenor Guitar Gathering, and Menucha Ukulele Bandcamp. In addition, he has taught for Centrum in Port Townsend, including Centrum’s Ukulele Festival, Country Blues Festival, Voiceworks, and Red-Hot Strings Workshops. Matt has been teaching bass at Dusty Strings since 2013.

Specialties: Jazz, music theory, improvisation, bluegrass, folk, blues

Levels: All

Ages: 5+

Rates: $65 for 30 min, $75 for 45 min, $85 for one hour

Availability: By appointment

Online/In-Person: Online only

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