Matt Weiner

Bass, Guitar, Piano, Tenor Guitar, Ukulele

Matt specializes in jazz, folk, bluegrass, blues, slap bass, and arco styles. As he puts it, “Let’s focus on the music you love. Let’s listen to that music and figure out what you need to do on the bass to make that music happen right now.”

With more than two decades of experience, Matt a highly sought-after teacher. Matt has taught at the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, the Yukon Woodshed Acoustic Music Workshop, The Portland Ukulele Festival, The Menucha Ukulele Bandcamp, and Centrum.

Big tone and solid rhythm have made Matt one of the busiest bass players in the Northwest.  Inspired by the “pre-bop” bass players and their music, he’s slapping out a syncopated jazz feel on one tune, bowing a folksy melody on another. He also played the role of bass player Joe B. Mauldin in the 5th Avenue Theatre production of Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.

Matt frequently performs upward of two hundred shows per year. He can be spotted around Seattle and other places plucking, bowing and slapping his gut-strung bass with Jacob Zimmerman, Ray Skjelbred, Del Rey, Barton Carroll, Bric-a-Brac Trio, Squirrel Butter, Wayne Horvitz, Eli Rosenblatt and many others. He has also recorded and performed with The Todalo Shakers, The Hot Club of Cowtown, The Asylum Street Spankers, Butch Thompson, Becky Kilgore, Danny Barnes, Matt Munisteri, Jon-Erik Kellso, Casey MacGill, Rani Arbo and James Hill. At the Ukeshack #1, an album of bass and ukulele duets with Del Rey, was released in 2007.

Ages: All
Levels: All
Specialties: Electric bass, slap bass, upright bass
Availability: Saturday mornings and afternoons, Sunday afternoons, and by appointment
Rates: $65 for 30 min, $75 for 45 min, $85 for one hour

Click here to see a video of Matt in action!