Gregory Roberts

Electric Bass, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting

Finding passion in music is a core component of Greg’s teaching style. His goal is to cultivate “a strong sense of confidence and identity in students’ knowledge, abilities, and the music they love to play.” He specializes in teaching students ages five to fifteen who are either just beginning or looking to take their playing to the next level. He has a patient and understanding approach that caters to the individuality of each student.

“There is no one-size-fits-all method,” says Greg. “I make it a priority to get to know all of my students so that I can construct unique and adaptable lesson plans that are engaging, effective, and inspiring.” Greg also loves helping students who want to write their own songs and start expressing themselves artistically!

An avid songwriter himself, Greg enjoys writing, recording, producing, and releasing his own music. He has been performing and working as a professional multi-instrumentalist for fourteen years, with extensive experience in New York City’s music scene from which he hails. He has worked as a music teacher, session musician, played in wedding and entertainment bands, and written, recorded, and performed original music with his own groups. He has also done several tours along with many performances in major cities all over the east and west coasts.

Specialties: Playing music with others, songwriting, audio production, synthesis, school age students and teens

Levels: All

Ages: 5+

Rates: $55 for 30 min, $65 for 45 min, $75 for one hour

In-Person/Online: In-Person

Learning many instruments led Gregory Roberts to playing gigs in NYC and a festival stage

Greg Roberts recently moved to Seattle from New York City where worked as a multi-instrumentalist session musician and fronted his band, The Saplings. Here, he tells us about his greatest influences, how he learned to play so many instruments, and his most memorable experiences in music to date, as well as his practice tips for musicians of all levels.

When were you first introduced to your instrument(s) and what got you “hooked”?

I first began piano lessons at age four, learning how to read and play classical music. My dad was also an avid guitarist, bass player, and songwriter, and with instruments all over the house, I quickly started learning to play all of them. One of the artists that first really got me hooked was The Beatles. When I was very young, my dad played their albums all the time around the house and I fondly remember learning the chords to my favorite songs on piano and playing them along with my dad on guitar.

What is one of your most memorable experiences as a performer?

One of my most memorable experiences was performing at the Bottle Rock Festival in 2019 in Napa, California. At the time I was working as a session musician playing bass for an artist named Jack West. This was the largest and most heavily attended show I had ever performed, and playing for that kind of a crowd was a real rush! I also got to meet some very notable musicians back at the artist buffet, such as Pharrell Williams, Gary Clark Jr., and Neon Trees, which was pretty cool!

Do you have any practice tips for bass, guitar, piano, or songwriting students, or musicians in general?

In addition to the classic advice that consistency is key, I think it’s also extremely important for students to figure things out on their own. Having a teacher is essential to give you a guiding hand and show you the right direction to head in. But at the end of the day, doing the hard work yourself and making your own discoveries will always be the most gratifying and will help you grow in ways you might not have ever thought possible!

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