Birch Pereira

Upright & Electric Bass, U-Bass, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

Birch has built a strong reputation in the Pacific Northwest as a versatile musician, composer, arranger, and producer. As bassist and singer, he leads the Americana, jazz, and blues band Birch Pereira and the Gin Joints. In addition, he plays with other bands of various styles including Americana, hip-hop, classical, Brazilian jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, and more. An avid ukulele enthusiast, he teaches group ukulele classes at Dusty Strings and makes videos and arrangements for concert and baritone ukulele.

Birch starts with a focus on good technique then explores the genres of music that most interest the student. He helps them grasp the rhythms, harmonies, patterns, and feels that give each style of music its own distinct character. Years of both gigging and orchestral experience and a jazz performance degree from the University of Washington give Birch a unique perspective to address the individual needs of each student. Learn more at

Specialties: Jazz, music theory, swing, upright bass, baritone ukulele, u-bass

Levels: All

Ages: 5+

Rates: $55 for 30 min, $65 for 45 min, $75 for one hour

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Online/In-Person: Both


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