Alex Sturbaum

Bodhran, Bouzouki, Button Accordion, Guitar, Tenor Guitar

Alex Sturbaum has been playing and teaching traditional Irish and transatlantic music since 2003. Originally from Cincinnati, OH, he has gained recognition in traditional music communities all over the country for his complex, powerful accompaniment, energetic accordion playing, and  traditional songwriting. In Seattle, Alex performs with various groups, including Countercurrent and the Waxwings.

While deeply rooted in Celtic, maritime, and American musical traditions, Alex also embraces innovation and improvisation as a necessary part of folk  music. His playing and teaching both revolve around that balance between tradition and innovation-in other words, "learning the rules before you  break them." He seeks to instill in each student both a respect for the tradition, and a drive for the student to seek their own path within it.

As an educator, Alex emphasizes connection with the music, listening skills, and lift. Students of all ages and skill levels are accepted, and lesson styles  are adapted to fit the student's need and learning style. Alex's students learn to play by ear, to learn the tunes, and to develop and sharpen their musical instincts.

Ages: All
Levels: All
Specialties: Celtic, Irish, Maritime
Availability: By appointment
Rates: $45 for 30 min, $55 for 45 min, $65 for one hour