Electro Harmonix

Photo Product Description Price
Electro Harmonix #1 Echo Electro Harmonix #1 Echo Digital delay, up to two seconds of delay time, the feedback control sets number of repeats and how fast they fade, the blend control lets you adjust the balance of wet and dry signal.
Electro Harmonix 360 Nano Looper Electro Harmonix 360 Nano Looper Compact pedal looper with 360 seconds of loop recording time and 11 storable loops. User-friendly layout makes recording a loop, overdubbing, undo-redo and erasing a loop quick and easy.
Electro Harmonix Canyon Electro Harmonix Canyon From pristine digital delay to warm and warbly tape echo, reverse and modulated delays, cascading octave delay and shimmer… even an exquisite Deluxe Memory Man emulation. There are ten different effects in all plus a fully featured looper. Internal or external Tap Tempo with tap divide and a chasm full of intuitive secondary knob controls deliver a truly grand experience.
Electro Harmonix Crayon 69 Overdrive Electro Harmonix Crayon 69 Overdrive The Crayon is a versatile overdrive with independent Bass and Treble controls and an open frequency range that provides players with a musical alternative to customary mid-focused overdrive pedals. It delivers a range of sounds going from a suggestion of dirt to full-on distortion and is equally impressive all by itself or when driving another overdrive pedal.
Electro Harmonix East River Drive Electro Harmonix East River Drive Classic overdrive.
Electro Harmonix Freeze Electro Harmonix Freeze Infinite sustain pedal, with real time sample capture and perfect looping. Grabs a short snippet of sound to add texture to your playing. Choose between short and fast decay. Latch mode can be used to create complex and complementary drones and soundscapes. Power supply included.
Electro Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff Electro Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff Distortion/Sustainer, a faithful reissue of the legendary Green Russian Big Muff from the mid 1990s, vintage-correct army green chassis, controls for tone, sustain and volume,
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Neo Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Neo Reverb, power supply unit included.
Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes Incendiary overdrive, same circuit as 1970's pedal.
Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Linear power booster preamp.
Electro Harmonix Memory Toy Electro Harmonix Memory Toy Analog echo/chorus.
Electro Harmonix Muff Overdrive Electro Harmonix Muff Overdrive Reissue of the original 1969 Muff Fuzz. Crank up your amp and dial back the guitar volume and you have the perfect rhythm overdrive. Adds just a touch of funky dirt with an edge. Sounds like a vintage tube amp with a worn, but warm speaker.
Electro Harmonix Nano POG Electro Harmonix Nano POG Poly-octave generator pedal, power supply included.
Electro Harmonix Octavix Electro Harmonix Octavix Fuzz with octave up, power supply unit included.
Electro Harmonix OD Glove Electro Harmonix OD Glove Earthy overdrive.
Electro Harmonix Satisfaction Fuzz Electro Harmonix Satisfaction Fuzz Classic fuzz tone.
Electro Harmonix Small Stone Electro Harmonix Small Stone Analog phase shifter capable of producing a subtle swirl, to a fast doppler effect like a rotating speaker. Gives a nice sense of space to the sound, without generally being as warbly as a chorus.
Electro Harmonix Soul Food Electro Harmonix Soul Food A transparent, light overdrive with a lot of headroom thanks to boosted power rails. Can operate in true-bypass or buffered bypass modes. At low gain settings, makes a nice "always on" boost. An affordable take on the venerable Klon Centaur, in function if not in topology.
Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher Compressor/sustainer.
Electro Harmonix Tone Corset Electro Harmonix Tone Corset Four knob analog compressor. The Sustain knob controls the amount of compression applied to the guitar signal. The Attack knob adjusts how quickly the compressor recovers. As Attack is turned clockwise the pedal’s response is slower and more initial pick attack comes thru. The Blend knob adjusts the mix of the dry and compressed signals. Volume controls the overall output level.