Photo Product Description Price
Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge Battery-powered rechargeable acoustic amplifier, 60 watts, dedicated instrument and microphone channels, bluetooth connectivity, reverb and chorus effects, DI output.
Fishman Loudbox Artist Fishman Loudbox Artist Solid state acoustic amplifier, 120 watts, 8" woofer and 1" dome tweeter, two channels with built-in effects.
Fishman Loudbox Mini Fishman Loudbox Mini Solid state acoustic amplifier, 60 watts, two channels, 6.5 inch woofer, 1 inch tweeter, with effects, weighs under 20 pounds. Perfect for home and small venues.
Fishman Loudbox Performer Fishman Loudbox Performer Solid state acoustic amplifier, 180 watts bi-amped output, 1" silk dome tweeter, 5" midrange driver, 8" woofer, two channels, built-in effects.