Audrey Goodman

Piano, songwriting
Available: Monday - Friday
Levels taught: All
Ages taught: Adults and children
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Audrey specializes in teaching children and beginning adults by tailoring lessons to the student in front of her. She uses a week by week approach which adds just the right amount of new material for the student and offers students the opportunity to participate in a yearly recital in May. She also gives music theory lessons designed for the ‘by ear’ folk musician who wants to understand the basic structure of music to augment their ability to jam and transpose.

Audrey Goodman is a gifted music teacher who has taught music in schools since 1989. Along with her experience as a private piano teacher, innovative classroom music educator, musical theater and children’s choir director, Audrey is a musician, a published composer, songwriter, ASCAP affiliate, and performer. Audrey was trained on piano from the age of seven at the New England Conservatory of Music and brings a wealth of experience to Dusty Strings. She has developed successful music programs for children including designing and teaching music in private, parochial, and public elementary schools in Santa Monica, CA. Her classes for children culminate in a musical performance at the end of each session, where children perform songs and demonstrate the skills they’ve learned.

Birch Pereira

Upright and electric bass; Birch also teaches piano, guitar, and ukulele

Available: Tuesday
Levels taught: All
Ages taught: All
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Birch is a well known stand-up and electric bassist in the jazz, funk, hip hop, Americana, and rock scenes. His secondary instruments are piano (beginner to intermediate jazz/pop), guitar, and ukulele (beginner to intermediate folk/jazz), and he also teaches music theory.

Birch has built a strong reputation in the Northwest as an accomplished bass player, composer, and producer. His diverse musical background includes playing in symphony orchestras, a jazz performance degree from the University of Washington and years of gigging experience ranging from jazz to Americana, funk, hip hop, salsa, Brazilian, and Afro-pop bands. Birch starts with a focus on good technique and then explores the genres of music in which the student is interested, helping them grasp the rhythms, harmony, patterns, and feel that gives each style of music its distinct character.

Mona Terry

Harp, Piano
Available: Wednesday
Ages Taught: 6+
Levels Taught: All
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“I believe music is a catalyst to a broader expression of ourselves, our world and humanity.”

Harpist, pianist, and composer Mona Terry is motivated by the restorative power of music to transform and heal through her work as a therapeutic musician and music teacher. Mona’s impressive roster includes several directorships of music for worship, prayer and meditation services, and guided demonstrations on the healing qualities of vibrational sound.

Mona’s recent move to the Pacific Northwest has expanded her calling as a performer, composer and artistic director of groups String Song Music, Resonance: the Pacifica Harp Duo, and the Eastside Harp Circle. In collaboration with Seattle’s Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute, Mona remains committed to an ongoing project titled Let the Strings Speak. The project offers unique, high quality programming to an underserved community stressing fundamental themes related to civil rights, social change, diversity and unification. Mona’s original music is featured on two self-produced CD recordings titled, A Path Seeking Harmony and Peace, Joy and Wonder…Christmas.

Through her calling as an Interdisciplinary Guide, Mona supports individuals at various stages of life processes through new thresholds of growth, self-awareness and transformation. She holds forty years’ experience teaching music and welcomes students of all ages on piano and harp. She believes anyone can learn an instrument with a little dedication to practice. The lesson is customized to the needs of the student, while offering a solid foundation in technique, theory, ergonomics, improvisation and composition through various musical styles, genres, and explorations.