Debby Boland Watt

Available Thursday and Saturday
Levels taught: All
Ages taught: 6+
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Debby specializes in singing, vocal improvisation, audition preparation, and vocal performance. Her techniques support classical, jazz, improvisation, pop, folk, spiritual, blues, spoken word, and experimental genres. Debby is uniquely equipped to teach the a cappella vocal form called Circle Singing.

Debby is a strong vocalist, improvisational performance artist, and master teacher. As a current Seattle area performer recently featured in The Seattle Times, Debby’s voice studio is secure, as she has quickly become the area’s best-known facilitator for improvisational voice and circle singing. Debby has studied with Bobby McFerrin, Pauline Oliveros, Meredith Monk’s Ensemble, Kurt Elling, as well as other renowned musicians, and has toured the US/Alaska, Canada, and Western Europe as a soloist, choral director, studio musician and/or instructor. Debby has a Masters of Fine Arts in Improvisation from Goddard College and a Bachelor in Music from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts in Vocal Jazz. She enjoys connecting her students creatively to their vocal dreams and goals. Always full of laughter and insight, your lesson with Debby will be the best choice you’ve ever made for your voice.

“The resonance of the different voices coming together buoyed moods, soothed anxieties and turned a group of strangers into a spontaneous community.” – The Seattle Times “Debby is a full meal deal vocalist and unafraid to explore her Jazz and beyond.” – J.R., Seattle, WA

Audrey Goodman

Available: Monday - Friday mornings and early afternoons; Thursday - Friday late afternoons and evenings
Levels taught: All
Ages taught: 4+
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Audrey specializes in teaching children and beginning adults by tailoring lessons to the student in front of her. She uses a week by week approach which adds just the right amount of new material for the student and offers students the opportunity to participate in a yearly recital in May. She also gives music theory lessons designed for the ‘by ear’ folk musician who wants to understand the basic structure of music to augment their ability to jam and transpose.

Audrey Goodman is a gifted music teacher who has taught music in schools since 1989. Along with her experience as a private piano teacher, innovative classroom music educator, musical theater and children’s choir director, Audrey is a musician, a published composer, songwriter, ASCAP affiliate, and performer. Audrey was trained on piano from the age of seven at the New England Conservatory of Music and brings a wealth of experience to Dusty Strings. She has developed successful music programs for children including designing and teaching music in private, parochial, and public elementary schools in Santa Monica, CA. Her classes for children culminate in a musical performance at the end of each session, where children perform songs and demonstrate the skills they’ve learned.

Tai Shan

Guitar, singing, and songwriting
Available Monday
Levels taught: Beginner to intermediate
Ages taught: Specializes in young adults
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Tai’s expertise is in working with women ages seven to adult—helping them to find their voice and joy through music. Under her skillful guidance, students progress from learning the guitar to writing and performing. What is unique and motivating is that she teaches her students the songs that they are currently listening to—the music they adore and follow. As one of her student’s commented, “I got to learn songs I actually know and love, and received help putting my own songs together.”

In six years of teaching, Tai has won praise for her supportive approach to teaching music and songwriting and has developed a large and respected private studio. A graduate of Cornish College and a singer-songwriter herself, she is known for her unique chord voicings, wide sweeping melodies, and detailed lyrics. CultureMob raves: “Tai Shan sings as if the world was unaware of beauty, and it is her task to describe it.”

Tai helps students set their own goals by designing a curriculum that takes them from beginning guitar to on-stage performance. When students have mastered their song Tai helps them create a digital recording. She also hosts a bi-annual student showcase and films the performance, providing opportunities for the students to build their stage confidence and fan base. As former student Briana Marela (K Records) stated, “Tai gave me the courage to go out and perform.”