Instrument Repair Staff

Jeff Hoppe

Graduate of Minnesota State College guitar program in Red Wing, MN. He learned early on how to take-apart and put-together guitars. Jeff worked for a time at our Harp and Hammered Dulcimer building facility as a woodworker, craftsperson. He moved on to a local repair shop and furthered his chops fixing and tweaking electric and acoustic guitars until we scooped him back to join our repair team in 2014. When he’s not fixing broken dreams he is bombing down a mountainside on his mountain bike or passing you in the car pool lane on his motorcycle.


John Saba

It is likely that John has had a guitar in his hands every day since 1964. His early years were spent as a guitar player, band member, and traveling musician, as he says, “making something of a living.”  It wasn't until 1976 in Spokane, Washington, that he took a job at a music store in sales, but quickly found himself doing instrument repair. He’s been repairing instruments ever since.

John has taught himself instrument repair by getting his hands on every style and model of guitar and performing all sorts of repairs and modifications on them. 33 years of experience have given him the skill to do most repairs including set up, restoration, refretting, crack repair, neck resets, and electric rewiring. He's even put a few old armadillos back together on some churangos.

Since 1997, John has worked at Dusty Strings developing his skills in the acoustic music world. He has earned the trust of Martin, Taylor, Collings, and Goodall, who have all made Dusty Strings their regional warranty center. He has also earned the trust of customers by taking on all sorts of restorations, family heirlooms, and an unusual assortment of other repairs including zithers, sitars, ukuleles, and of course, banjos. Experience as an audio technician has given him first-hand knowledge of pickups, microphones and amplification, and their uses in a variety of settings.

Bring your questions and concerns -- or better yet, bring your instrument -- down to the shop. Your instrument is in skilled hands with John Saba.


John Weiss

John Weiss’ (Johnny) work history has involved cars, machine shops, woodworking, airplane building, and guitars. Needless to say, he is good with his hands and has a great collection of tools. After a long stint repairing aircraft and building houses, he returned to woodworking by learning the craft of guitar building and restoration. With deep interest in music and instruments Dusty Strings Instrument Repair seemed a perfect fit, so in 2011 he came on board.

Johnny believes that every instrument needs care and consideration. He also understands the value of listening to the customer and taking time to carefully observe instruments in for repair.