Matthews Effects

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Matthews Effects, The Architect V2 Matthews Effects, The Architect V2 Overdrive that can go from a clean boost to a thick dirt pedal. The EQ section has a full 3 band baxandall tone stack that lets you cut or boost the Bass, Mid's and Treble giving you way more control over the tone and shape of your drive.
Matthews Effects, The Cartographer Matthews Effects, The Cartographer With a wide range of tones available through the gain control, you can go from a completely transparent clean boost, to a snarling overdrive that can be dynamically changed and shaped through the eq control. From Jazz to Blues to Rock, this pedal will be the most dynamic tool on your pedalboard.
Matthews Effects, The Conductor V2 Matthews Effects, The Conductor V2 Optical tremolo, Depth: Controls the strength of the tremolo effect, from light flutter to wavering pulse, Wave: Select 6 unique wave forms for a variety of undulating textures, Ramp Time: A Unique feature that controls the time it takes for the Conductor to change its tap speed (from 0-10 seconds), Gain: Control the output volume to compensate for any perceived loss of volume at higher depths, Tap Division: Select 6 tap divisions to keep you right on time, Rate: Manually change the speed of the tremolo.
Matthews Effects, The Whaler Matthews Effects, The Whaler The Whaler is a fuzz pedal and is an original Matthews Effects circuit that is great for guitar or bass. It can take you from worlds of velcro to warm dark chasms of classic fuzz. Its dynamic tone controls will allow you to create unique and original sounds that help set you apart in the mix.